CCTV Services

Protect the place you are in. No Place to hide under CCTV. Call Mistri Mama for design / supply / installation / commissioning package (both Digital and Analog video recorder). Mistri Mama, has recruited the best technicians for all branded and types of CCTV installation, repairing and maintenance services. By using modern technologies and equipment in a comparison to many global companies, Mistri Mama ensures a satisfactory service accomplishment for the citizens. We value our customers as we realize the defects of CCTV make you suffer a lot.

Unique Benefits

  • Provide service at specific time.
  • Providing service by experienced technicians.
  • Completely safe and reliable.
  • Seven days service warranty.

Service Category

  • CCTV Check Up
  • CCTV Installation
  • CCTV Shifting
  • CCTV Maintenance
  • Camera Problem
  • DVR / NVR Problem
  • Hard Disk Drive Problem
  • Cable Problem
  • Monitor Problem
  • Adapter Problem
  • Connector Problem
  • Switch Problem
  • Router Problem
  • Software Setup