AC Services

We Repair, So Don’t Despair. For any type of commercial or residential Air Conditioner repairing and maintenance service, call Mistri Mama and get it fixed by the best experts in your area. You never need to carry your air conditioner to the mechanics. As our experts will fix it in your home and they will carry it to the service center if it is needed. Soon after getting the call or order from the online platform, respective persons will be sent to your home as soon as possible.

Unique Benefits

  • Provide service at specific time.
  • Providing service by experienced technicians.
  • Completely safe and reliable.
  • Seven days service warranty.

Service Category

  • AC Check Up
  • AC Basic Service
  • AC Master Service
  • AC Installation
  • AC Shifting & Re-Installation
  • AC Gas Charge - Half
  • AC Gas Charge - Full
  • AC Minor Leak Repair
  • AC Major Leak Repair
  • AC Water Drop Solution
  • AC Compressor Replacement - Including Gas Charge
  • AC Compressor Replacement - Excluding Gas Charge
  • AC Power Socket Replace
  • AC Capacitor Replace
  • AC Circuit Replacement
  • AC Remote Repair