Mistri Mama is an online based service platform that offers home services in all areas of Dhaka City. We ensure quality service by providing training to our technicians which also emphasis on safety and behavioral aspects. Apart from the domiciliary service, we also provide one-time, periodical subscription for corporate houses. Our highly trained and professional technicians are always a CALL away to provide Electrical, Plumbing, Generator, AC, CCTV, etc. servicing works at your doorstep.

Contact us to request a service through our Mistri Mama webpage or over phone. We are also open to provide our services during holidays / mid-nights / your free hours.

Mistri Mama is a sister concern of SSG (Super Star Group), a renowned electrical & electronics conglomerate in Bangladesh, was founded on the principles of harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit for more than two decades. SSG brand has become synonymous with lifestyle and household electrical products from lighting solutions to electrical accessories, fans to engineering products, properties to renewable energy. The group and its subsidiaries, have had a significant impact over society shaping future for the 21st century and beyond. The strive for brighter future SSG introduces Mistri Mama. 

Purpose of Our Service

Technician is a common word in service industry. But when it comes to an experienced service technician, it is really hard to find. There is no measurement policy to rate them, until you receive the service, experience them. Also there is a huge question in security measures or the trustworthiness of an unknown technicians. Should you let them in your perfect house, or not? To ease up this huge responsibility from your back to find a suitable and experienced service technician, We are here.

Mistri Mama is just one call away to make your troubled living perfect. Along with phone calls, you can also reach us through website or your nearest technician outlets.

Our Objective

“To be the most trusted online service provider platform in Bangladesh.”

All too often, consumers are forced to deal with appliance repair companies who send rude, inconsiderate, and just plain messy technicians to their home. But not with Mistri Mama. We know just how awful of an experience that is, and we are committed to being different. That is why you can be confident knowing that when you hire our team, you will be working with technicians who are experts, trustworthy but also who are polite and respectful.

Not only do they respect you and your time, but they also respect your home. All of our technicians abide by our commitment to “leave no trace behind. In fact, it is our goal to always leave your home in better shape than it was when we arrived. Other than your fixed appliances, you shouldn’t even notice we were there at all!” 

What Do We Do

We are providing quality services with the best customer experience through developing and empowering local skilled workforce. Currently we are offering variety of services udder six (6) major service. They are; 

  •      Air Conditioner Services

  •      Electrical Services

  •      Plumbing Services

  •      IT Services

  •      CCTV Services

  •      Generator Services

When a service is required, user can visit mistrimama.com or visit his/her nearest Mistri Mama outlet to get the service. Also he/she can simply just call us at 09610 222 111 to reach us.  Mistri Mama respect your time more than anything. In fact, we promise we will always show up on time for your scheduled appointment and that we will deliver service that is fast, efficient, and detail-oriented. To take it a step further, the experts who arrive at your door will be wearing a clean attire and will have an ID badge on them.

Why Choose Us

Why else should you work with Mistri Mama technicians instead of regular technicians? Because we care. We care about your time, your privacy, your appliances. Mistri Mama know how much you rely on those machines every day to keep your home in working order, and we are committed to helping you get your house running smoothly again. However, we also know that who you hire to come fix your appliances is equally important. That is why we are so proud to have expert technicians on our team. We provide fast, efficient services that pay attention to the details and get your appliances to prime condition. 

We provide our services in your desired time. Which means any convenient time that the user demands. Holyday, late night, even on strike hours. Our service partners are committed to
provide the service at your selected hour. With these services we offer accurate and valid service charges to our customer. Individual service charges and service detail is given in the website, which clear out all the confusion of what you will get in what price. It reduces all the hustle of price negotiations.
You Can Expect the Following from Our Qualified Experts:

  •      They will be polite and respectful.

  •      They will show up on time.

  •      They will be clean and in uniform.

  •      They will leave no trace behind.

We are so confident in our services that we guarantee all our services.


Contact with us to fix your problem. (mistrimama.com or 09610222111).